A TV news correspondent’s breaking news segment about the Turkish offensive against Kurdish-led militias in northeastern Syria was suddenly interrupted live on air by an unexpected studio guest, her own young son.

NBC’s Courtney Kube was reporting on Turkey’s strikes when her flow was broken by four-year-old Ryan making an uninvited appearance, right by her side. Temporarily distracted, the anchor apologizes, saying “Sorry, my kids are here – live television!” 

She quickly gets right back to the story as the screen cuts away to a map of Syria, presumably giving producers enough time to remove the young intruder.

The interruption captured the hearts of thousands of people who watched and shared the clip on social media, hailing it as a “sweet moment” and indicative of the ongoing struggle faced by some working moms to juggle childcare and work.

The incident also reminded many of a BBC clip of an interviewee’s children bursting into the room behind him, live on air. Meanwhile, a weather presenter, who has personal experience of such an interloper, empathized with Kube.

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