Recently, I had to change embedded video links in several posts to due to the termination of Southfront’s YouTube channel. Southfront, which features regular “Syrian War Reports” and videos that discuss the Russian and American military and hardware, but not from a necessarily pro-Russian government perspective, wrote about their theory why the channel was terminated in this post, that carried. They theorized that:

The article was likely used by the Euvsdisinfo authors either out of a lack of humor, ignorance, or sheer stupidity. This article is a critical review of the political and administrative situation in Russia amid the COVID-19 pandemic in the first part of April 2020. The article provides a critical look at the actions of the Russian government (in particular the Moscow authorities) and points out that, while the COVID-19 pandemic presents a significant public health challenge, the threat of the pandemic may be estimated inaccurately, resulting in the government making poor decisions in dealing with it. The developments in Russia in the second half of 2020 confirmed this analysis. Meanwhile, the article itself regularly refers to scientific and state sources of data and criticizes political and administrative actions of the Russian government. It also looks critically at actions of Moscow mayor Sergey Sobaynin, which at the time went contrary to the Russian legislative system.”[Emphasis added.]

While spreading the party line on COVID-19, which as Gary D. Barnett noted in this article on, “This Coronavirus Fraud Is Planned Panic and Murder for the Purpose of Advancing Agendas of Control” is surely part of the decision, there might be other factors in play.

Recently, The Saker posted the “Russian Foreign Ministry Press release on YouTube removing the accounts of Krym 24 TV Channel and Anna News and News-Front news agencies” in which they state:

“These are just some examples of US online censorship of Russian news portals.

“We consider YouTube’s actions as another act of discrimination against Russian-language media resources from US-controlled online platforms that systematically resort to arbitrary censorship of content in the Russian language.

“This policy by US authorities represents a gross violation of US international obligations to ensure free and unfettered access to information, freedom of the media and freedom of expression.”

Again, this is part of the reason but not the whole reason; Washington is evidently at war, although not yet using military hardware, against Russia and this is an informational war.

Southfront recently posted these videos, which might be of benefit to CIA Analysts as well as ordinary Americans.

This one concludes Elon Musk and SpaceX are in effect “a beard” for the Department of Defense.

SpaceX: Camel’s Nose under the Tent of Space Militarization

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