I became aware of Aaron Maté because I follow Professor Stephen F. Cohen and had viewed on YouTube his interview with the Professor for The Real News Network. I have only recently become aware of his abilities as a writer, from contributions to The Nation and other platforms. He now has left The Real News Network to join The Grayzone (via this link), where he recently conducted on their YouTube channel two excellent interviews with Professor Cohen. What strikes me is that in all his work, he challenges the reigning political orthodoxy, or perhaps less kindly but more accurately described as propaganda, and for those interested in seeking out this work, they will find valuable insights and in depth analyses, most recently in his published work challenging the Mueller Report conclusions. He has appeared on Tucker Carlson’s program briefly, which is in the video below, entitled, “Aaron Maté destroys Mueller’s narrative. Russia does not equal Russian Government.”

(I find it unfortunate that Fox News on its channels never posted this extremely important interview to YouTube):

In his powerful essay recently posted to LewRockwell.com, Evil Killing by the U.S. Relies on Willful Indifference, Gary D. Barnett writes:

Indifference is a most vile trait of human existence, but indifference toward the mass starvation, torture, and murder of innocents for political purposes may be the worst of all.

Indifference is the opposite of love, it is the opposite of good, and it is the opposite of anything of value. It is worse than hate. Apathy in the face of depravity has become common among many around the world, but especially so in this make-believe land of the free called America. This attitude of emptiness breeds despair, but it is important to remember that the evildoers among us can only succeed in their efforts of madness so long as those watching remain silent and do nothing…

Today, much more is known about the intent of the political class and its elitist controllers, but it seems as if there is much more apathy today than at anytime in the past. How can this be? How can a more informed citizenry continue to hide their heads in the sand, and worship the nation state apparatus and its agents of force in the military? This is a travesty, and exposes the success achieved by the elites to brainwash the public into supporting any kind of butchery and mass murder under the guise that they are protecting the nation from non-existent monsters from afar. Societal weakness at this level deserves no respect or admiration whatsoever. It deserves only contempt.

Aaron Maté is the polar opposite of those Americans who suffer from indifference; he is a heroic voice, one of those men of great intellect, compassion, and conscience who brings truth to those willing to seek it, who has the power to open eyes and change hearts and minds, for no matter how Quixotic that quest appears in such a pervading atmosphere of indifference, Aaron Maté’s courage is more important than ever.

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