Italian sports presenter Diletta Leotta has defended fans who asked her to bare her breasts during a Serie A match, saying that the chants were “just a joke.”

The 28-year-old, who is a high-profile media figure in her homeland, said she wasn’t insulted by the chants from Napoli supporters, claiming that they hadn’t intended to cause offense.

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Napoli fans supported me throughout the game, then they tried to go further after Napoli won, but it was just a joke,” the TV presenter said. “My reaction was part of the irony of the moment.”

Leotta, who works for the DAZN sports streaming service, was presenting at the game last week between Napoli and Brescia at the Stadio San Paolo when she was targeted by the fans’ chorus.

Dilletta, get them out,” Napoli fans begged as she walked near the stands.

The TV host perfectly handled the situation, putting her thumb down and shaking her head while she passed the Napoli fans sector.

Leotta is one of the most recognized sports presenters in Italy and has more than 4 million followers on Instagram.