I’ve watched the film produced by Mark Joseph entitled NO SAFE SPACES and I have to say the wrong people will watch it.  Those who don’t embrace victimhood, those Americans who stand for something rather than against most everything, those believe in individual liberty above group (mob) rule, who espouse the exchange of political ideas, not identity politics, are going to watch it because it agrees with their position.

For we live in an era of preconceived ideas, of voting against who we detest, not for whom we agree with.  There is growing intolerance of anybody else’s beliefs.  Anyone who doesn’t embrace what we believe is not just to be voted out of office, they are to be silenced, their voices muffled, their access to audiences blocked, their lives even snuffed out.  The news media is at the center of this social phenomenon.

What hath befallen America?  The long-haired hippy Baby Boomers who once protested against the establishment, who smoked pot, who experienced sexual freedom outside of marriage due to the advent of the birth control pill, who lived during the Kent State campus massacre, are now too old to be aware of what has happened on college campuses in America.  It’s not about war versus anti-war.  It’s not about blacks sitting in the back of the bus or segregated schools.  It’s not about to smoke or not smoke pot.  It’s about who drafted the Constitution (white men), not what that document says.  In fact, the Constitution is “hate speech” because it was fashioned by men who were involved in slavery.

The film NO SAFE SPACES caused me to remember, we already know America was fashioned by imperfect white men.  I’m forever telling people that slavery in America vanished when the cotton gin was invented.  The division of labor was necessary to pick cotton.  Slavery was eradicated by a mechanical answer, not a war.  And yes, the Bible talks of slavery, but in those days, aside from conquerors capturing slaves in war, entering into slavery was something people did voluntarily to pay their debts.

Now these white slave-owner founding fathers, Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, should be expunged from history, murals, books, paintings, statues, every memory of them.  These imperfect men (not women mind you), created the freest country in the world.  It is still the country the poor and impoverished wish to immigrate to.  Vanish that thought!

Comedian Bryan Callen says it best near the end of NO SAFE SPACES:

“Fifty-eight percent of Americans hold opinions they don’t feel comfortable sharing publicly.  I don’t believe that this new politically correct tyranny is changing anybody’s behavior and it sure as hell isn’t bringing anybody together.  It’s creating an atmosphere of fear and repression.  And you know what happens when that happens.  It’s gonna bust.”

After watching NO SAFE SPACES I thought, the ballot box is out.   Political platforms are out.  Those who say anything that emotionally hurts another are to be returned to the dust of the Earth.  We never created nirvana.  We failed to create utopia.  The kingdom of God was never established on earth.  So now we must vaporize those who would impinge on our freedom to choose even what sex we want to be. Pronouns “he” and “she” are out.  Forget obvious biological differences.

NO SAFE SPACES identifies the demographic center of this new religion as the college campus, that place where young people, not having fully thought out what they believe yet, and re-thinking what their parents and schools taught them, are traditionally confronted by a broad spectrum of ideas to test what they really do believe in.  But no longer.  There will be no freedom of thought let alone free speech.

The next generation has no idea what the historical Inquisition was.  Next-gens would probably condemn it if explained to them.  But they would have no hesitation in burning at the stake those who don’t hold their world view today!

NO SAFE SPACES makes us aware this new religion is addicted to unhappiness.  Unhappiness and discontent are the stars and stripes of its flag.  With victimhood a part of this new religion, reparations to Black Americans are in.  Achievement and overcoming prejudice are out.  This makes it sound like blacks ARE inferior and can only get ahead via reparations.

Hosts of NO SAFE SPACES, Podcaster Adam Carolla and radio talk show host Dennis Prager can only prod Americans to have courage, to speak out.  But when the public square and town hall are now Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google, these electronic overseers are silencing what they determine is “hate speech.” 

I recall speaking to a young woman who works in New York for a company that places online ads for major companies.  She said the company she works for would not place an online ad for a company that doesn’t embrace their world view, that of LGBTIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, and asexual or allied).

With Facebook now acting like a country rather than an online forum and ready to create its own currency (the libra), one can visualize what the Bible predicted.  When no one who doesn’t carry the mark of the beast will be allowed to enter into trade or business.

If you are the average busy American, it will be behoove you to view the film NO SAFE SPACES and see what the next generation of Americans believes.

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