Footage has surfaced online of a huge blaze ravaging what is reported to be oil giant Saudi Aramco’s facility in the country’s east. Sounds of gunfire and explosions have been reported by witnesses.

A fire broke out at Saudi Aramco’s facility in the city of Abqaiq in the oil-rich kingdom’s Eastern Province on Saturday morning. Multiple videos have emerged on social media showing the compound being engulfed in flames and thick black smoke billowing from the site.

Several loud bangs resembling the sound of explosions can be heard in the background. There have been unconfirmed reports on social media of over a dozen blasts rocking the facility.

Distinct gunfire sounds can be heard in a video allegedly filmed at a parking lot across the street from the site.

It is unclear what triggered the fire, with Riyadh reportedly placing a gag order on any information about the incident pending an official statement.

On Twitter, Saudi royal court adviser Turki Alalshikh urged netizens to not fuel speculations, denouncing social media reports as “lies and rumours.”

“Praise to God, safe and secure… Abqaiq is well,” the official tweeted.

Dubai-based Al-Arabiya reported that the fire had been contained and that Saudi authorities are expected to issue a statement soon.

Abqaiq is home to the world’s largest oil processing plant.

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