As unrest over police violence erupts in cities around the US, a CNN reporter took flack on social media after scolding White House officials who didn’t observe social distancing during a visit to a church damaged by vandals.

Looking to land a jab on the president, CNN tech journalist Brian Fung couldn’t help but point out the lack of masks or social distancing among Donald Trump and a group of senior officials, shortly after they made an on-foot visit to the historic St. John’s Church on Monday amid ongoing protests in the nation’s capital.

With riots, looting, arson and clashes with police breaking out in dozens of American cities in recent days, including DC, many netizens saw Fung’s critique as trivial, accusing the journalist of double standards as thousands of marchers hit the streets with little concern for distancing.

Others were gentler in their criticism, pointing out that “this isn’t the time” while acknowledging the virus “doesn’t care” about the riots.

Though the Covid-19 pandemic is ongoing, the unrest sparked last week over the death of George Floyd – an unarmed black man killed in the custody of the Minneapolis police – has quickly eclipsed the health crisis. Some online have even declared the outbreak over, asking why anyone is “pretending to care” about face coverings as the country heads toward further violence and unrest.

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