Visitors of the annual aviation show in China’s Nanchang were treated to a light display worthy of Gandalf’s fireworks. Hundreds of drones took the shape of giant glowing aircraft: a propeller plane, an airliner, and a figher jet.

As many as 800 drones equipped with large shining lamps lit up the night skies during the 2019 Nanchang Flight Convention – an exhibition demonstrating China’s latest developments in aviation, space and drone technologies. 

Flying in tight formation and in perfect synchronicity, the drones formed luminescent figures resembling an old propeller-driven aeroplane, a passenger jet, and even a military fighter jet and attack helicopter.

Footage posted by Xinhua on Saturday showed the “ghostly” airliner reflecting in the water, making it appear as if another plane was flying upside-down. The colorful show was part of the convention’s closing ceremony.

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FILE PHOTO. © Shao Rui / Xinhua
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The exhibition, featuring more than 100 aircraft from China and other countries, including both civilian and military aircraft was held for two days in early November.

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